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On Site Election Tabulation

Our audit staff is very experienced in conducting on site election tabulations.  Lawyers are the best source for designing a legally correct ballot.  However, we can give you a practical review of your ballot and counting procedures based on our experience.  Ask us for a free quote for your next election at info@condocpa.com.

Condo Elections - Electronic Elections

Condo Elections is brought to you by CondoCPA, Inc. CondoCPA is a CPA firm with offices in Illinois, Florida, California and soon to come in Colorado. We are planning on offering electronic election services in all 50 states but to maintain our quality control, we will only open up new states as we have researched the state laws and can offer a package that will include instructions on your state rules. Our firm also does numerous election tabulations onsite at the buildings.We anticipate hybrid elections to be the most popular in the beginning until associations can obtain a large percentage of owners to agree to voting online. A hybrid will be one that includes online voting as well as voting via ballot box and voting at the election meeting. So the combination will offer our clients greater flexibility. We do offer substantial discounts for the electronic portion of the election for our clients that use us to perform their Audits. The discounts can be more than 50% so it does pay to have us also do your audit.

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