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Community Associations - Full Service Accounting 
We provide innovative, cutting edge technological accounting solutions for condominiums, cooperatives, townhomes, homeowner associations, and various other real estate entities. We can provide you with complete accounting solutions which would include monthly assessment invoicing, check writing, monthly financial statements and accounts receivable reporting.

We are the leaders in accounting technology for community associations. We can offer you automatic deductions from your checking account, state of the art bank lock box interface, association web sites that are integrated with our accounting software, credit card payment of assessments and so much more.

The association web site integration is the first of it's kind in Chicago. All owners will receive a login ID and password and they will be able to access information such as payment history and remaining balance owed, all on a secure website ( You can even receive email notification when your payment is received. In addition, Board Members can view or print monthly financial statements and other important reports. The condo declarations and rules can be downloaded by unit owners.

The benefits from technology are quicker and easier access to important information regarding your association. More efficient systems bring lower or stable fees. In addition our services will provide you with these additional benefits:
  • As a board member you can actually perform your day job while we take over the Association's accounting
  • We provide you with a stable accounting department
  • No more accounting turnover worries
  • No more training of accountants or keeping up with the changing environment of computer accounting
  • It's our specialty and we can provide you with accounting solutions at a reasonable price that can address all the accounting needs you have
  • We can customize your reports to fit your needs
  • Designing an affordable program that fits your needs is what we are all about

Technology has developed to where we can provide accounting solutions that are not limited by our location. The web provides all of us with ways to do business that are breaking the boundaries that used to limit us. Contact us for a free quote or more information on how we can help you, wherever you are located. For a free quote contact us at:


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